Record note on the meeting of Joint Committee on MACP held on 15.03.2011

Joint Committee on MACP

Confederation Secretary Mr.K.K.N.Kutty published the outcome of discussions in the Joint Committee on MACP was held on 15.03.2011. We have reproduced the same contents of the post is given below for your information…

Given below is the Record note on the meeting of Joint Committee on MACP held on 15.03.2011.

The third meeting of joint committee on MACP was held today i.e 15.03.2011. This meeting was held at the specific request by the Secretary Staff Side, National Council JCM to review the decision taken in the earlier meetings in which all items had been discussed.

Item Nos. 1,3,8,9 and 29:
Grant of financial up-gradation in the promotional hierarchy instead of grade pay hierarchy under MACP Scheme

      The Staff Side pressed this demand on the ground that the ACP 1999 had become a service condition in respect of all those who were in service as on 31st August 2008. The MACP Scheme being less advantageous could not be imposed upon them. They stated that to resolve this anomaly, the first 2 ACPs may be continued in the promotional hierarchy to be granted after 12 and 24 years of service from the date of induction, the third ACP on completion of 30 years service may be in the grade pay hierarchy. The official Side did not agree with this proposal. The Staff Side then pointed out that the introduction of MACP Scheme in grade pay hierarchy 10, 20, 30 years of service from the date of induction will result that certain cadres would be placed in the grade pay which are not sanctioned in the structure of the departments and therefore it can not be treated as career progression at all.

The official Side wanted the particulars of those cadres which are going to face this problem, so that they could consider how to overcome such anomalies. The Staff Side agreed to provide the necessary information and departments concerned may also be asked to provide such information.

Item Nos. 2, 10 and 48:

The Staff Side also pressed for introducing MACP Scheme with effect from 1.1.2006 so that those who did not get any benefit under old ACP could atleast get the MACP scheme benefit before their retirement during the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008. The Official Side stated that this item has been closed and concluded and can not be allowed to be opened / reviewed. The Staff Side then stated that they would like to raise this issue in the meeting of National Anomaly Committee as the joint Committee on MACP Scheme is sub committee of the National Anomaly Committee. The Official Side stated that this may be raised as afresh item in the National Anomaly Committee.

The Staff Side also wanted that the option to choose ACP or MACP should be given to the individual employees and not the Department. The Official Side also did not agree to reopen this issue which has been concluded in the last meeting.
Item No. 57:
Ignoring the placement of Artisans of Ministry of Defence from HS grade II to HS grade I for the purpose of MACP Scheme.

The Staff Side pointed out that this restructuring by keeping 50% of Artisans in the HS grade I and placing 50% in the HS grade II was by way of placement and therefore it could not be treated as promotion. The Staff Side cited Supreme Court ruling to this effect. However the Official Side did not agree with this. The case of restructuring in IA & AD in 1984 and in organized accounts were also cited in which it was clearly stated that those who are in the higher grade would be treated as placement only those who are promoted later on against vacancies would be treated as promotion. The official Side view was that only in those cases where the entire cadre is placed in the higher pay scale it would not be treated as promotion. This matter will also have to be raised in the meeting of National Anomaly Committee.
Items Nos. 11, 15, 22, 39, 47 and 51:
Promotion in identical Grade Pay.

The decision that the normal promotions are in the same grade pay, they cannot be ignored for purpose off MACP Scheme and the specific cases would be examined separately.
Item Nos. 12, 30 and 49:
Employees appointed limited competitive examination from lower to higher post may treated as direct recruits in the higher post ignoring the service in the lower posts.

The matter is still being considered with reference to old ACP scheme clarification.
Item Nos. 13, 32, 38, 44, 50 and 58:
Counting of old service in the new establishments for the purpose off MACP. And
Item Nos. 21, 27, and 28:
Benchmark for financial up gradation under MACP.

Orders have been issued on 1.11.2010.
It was agreed that action taken statement would be finalized and circulated so that further discussion thereon can take place in the meeting of National Anomaly Committee.
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38 thoughts on “Record note on the meeting of Joint Committee on MACP held on 15.03.2011”

  1. 1.I was enrolled in Army (Corps of Signals) as a Sepoy on 21 Dec 1982 and got retired on 01 Jan 2007. After completion of 24 years of distinguished service (12 years served as Havildar)
    2. At present I am in receipt of pay and pension benefit as per 6th CPC recommendation which is made effective wef 01 Jan 2006.
    3. As per GoI, MoD vide letter no14(1)/99-D (AG) dt 30 May 2011, MACP to JCOs/OR has been granted wef 01 Sep 2008.
    4. In view of the above, you may please clarify the reason to deny the IIIrd ACP ACP for the persons who ware retired in between 01 Jan 2006 till 31 Aug 2008
    5. Therefore, I am requesting your kind honour to take appropriate necessary action to bring all the pensioners who ware retired on and after 01 Jan 2006 at par for the purpose of IIIrd ACP (Nb Sub).

    Your Faithfully

    Faujdar Ojha

  2. I was appointed in october 1982 and was granted the first promotion in march 1994. As such i was not entitled for 1st ACP. The 2nd ACP was due on 14.10.2006. Because I did not attend the promotion cadre course (from Dec 2005 to Apr 2006) I was not given the ACP in time. From Feb 2006 to May 2006 another promotion cadre course was conducted but I was not detailed to undergo the same. I attended the promotion course from 7.4.2008 to 27.7.2008 and qualified the same. During Aug 2008 a DPC for grant of ACP was conducted. Because my service documents did not reach my higher formation (the place of DPC) I was not granted the ACP – it is not my fault. I was granted ACP from 29.12.2008. Attending a course for grant of ACP is not a must in other central government organisation, but my department has stipulated this condition. Please clarify about my entitlement of ACP. Kindly note that by virtue of the name of the course, I have also not been granted second promotion so far. Please also clarify my next date of MACP.

  3. As per the DOPT Order No.35034/3/2008-Est(D) dated 19.05.2009

    Read with
    i)Page No. 5 para No.6.2
    ii) Page No. 9- para28.Illustrations (ii)
    iii) Page No. 10 ILLUSTRATION Table 28(A)(1)&(ii)
    My Position: Appointed JHT on 10.05.1980
    Ist regular promotion as H. O. 0n 23.02,1989(on completion of 0 8 years 09 months)
    2nd ACP granted on 10.05.2004 *
    In the light of Page No.5 para 6.2 –given example of CPWD my Previous ACP of Rs 7500-12000/ is to be ignored since I was granted higher pay scale i.e.PB-3(GP 5400)
    In the light of Page No.5 para 6.2 –given example of CPWD my Previous ACP of Rs 7500-12000/ is to be ignored since I was granted higher pay scale i.e.PB-3(GP 5400)

    Sir,I was appointed as Jr.Hindi Translator- Pay Scale Rs.425-700/-PM in the Ordnance Factories Organization on 10.05.1980,Promoted as as Hindi Officer Grp.B Gazetted on 23.02.1989 in the Pay scale 2000-3500/-PM.(vth CPC-Rs.6500-10500/-) Awarded ACP Rs.7500-12000/-PM.w.e.f.10.05.2004. On implementation of VIth CPC due to up-gradation of Hindi Officer post in Group A in the PB-3 Pay Band Rs15600-39100 with Grade Pay of Rs 5400/-PM my pay was fixed toRs.18140 +5400/- and as on 1.7.2008 Rs.20330+5400/-PM The benefit of one ACP is denied, since my 19 years Junior Hindi officers are also getting PB-3 Scale + Grade pay of Rs.5400/- then where stands my 12 years earned ACP & seniority of 20 years so far the pay packet is concerned?
    Sir, Since 23.02.1989(20 years) as on 23.02.2009 I did’nt get any promotion or Financial up-gradation. As per the Illustration table28(A)(1)&(ii) given in the DOPTA’s Order No.35034/3/2008-Est(D) dated 19.05.2009 one couold get 3 financial up-gradation in 28 years of service, whereas I have completed 28years 09months as on 23.02.2009. I superannuated w.e.f. 30.09.2009.
    Kindly clarify the rule position in my case whether I shall be continue to draw less salary/pension then my juniors who were enjoying the higher Grade pay of Rs 6600/-w.e.f.1.1.2008 moreover,Is it not justified that I should get my 2nd MACP w.e.f.
    01/09/2008-Rs 6600/- and Rs.7600/- w.e.f.23/02/2009
    Kindly clarify and advice accordingly.


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