Different kinds of Travelling Allowance for Central Government employees…

Permanent or consolidated travelling allowance

Different kinds of travelling allowance for Central Government employees….
The following allowances are the different kinds of travelling allowance:-
(1) Permanent or consolidated travelling allowance.
(2) Conveyance allowance.
(3) Mileage allowance.
(4) Daily Allowance.
(5) Actual cost of travelling.

Permanent or Consolidated Travelling Allowance
A permanent monthly traveling allowance may be granted by a competnet authority to any Government servant whose duties require him to travel extensively.

Such an allowance shall be in lieu of all other forms of travelling allowance for journey within the Government servant’s sphere of duty and may be drawn all the year round, whether the Government servant is absent from his headquarters or not.

A permanent travelling allowance shall not be drawn during leave, temporary transfer, or joining time or, unless otherwise expressly provided in the rules in this chapter, during any period for which travelling allowance of any other kind is drawn.
Conveyance Allowance :
Grant of Conveyance Allowance for Central Government employees…

Average monthly travel on official duty Rates of conveyance allowance p.m. for journey by
owned motor car other modes of conveyance
201-300 Km Rs.1120 Rs.370
301-450 Km Rs. 1680 Rs.480
451-600 Km Rs.2070 Rs.640
601-800 Km Rs.2430 Rs.750
Above 800 Km Rs.3000 Rs.850

Transport Allowance :-
Grant of Transport Allowance to Central Government employees.

Employees drawing grade pay of Rate of Transport Allowance per month
In 13 cities* classified as A-1/A earlier Other places
Grade pay of Rs.5400 & above Rs.3200 + DA thereon Rs.1600 + DA thereon
(i) Grade pay of Rs.4200, Rs.4600 and Rs.4800
(ii) those drawing grade pay below Rs.4200 but drawing pay in the pay band equal to Rs.7440 & above.
Rs.1600 + DA thereon Rs.800 + DA thereon
Grade pay below Rs.4200 and pay in the pay band below Rs.7440 Rs.600 + DA thereon Rs.400 + DA thereon

# Hyderabad(UA), Delhi(UA), Bangalore(UA), Greater Mumbai(UA), Chennai(UA), Kolkata(UA), Ahmedabad(UA), Surat(UA), Nagpur(UA), Pune(UA), Jaipur(UA), Lucknow(UA) and Kanpur(UA).

Travelling Allowance:-

Travelling Allowance – Entitlements for Journeys on Tour

Grade Pay Travel Entitlements
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.10,000/- and above and those in pay scale of HAG + and above Business / Club Class by air / AC First class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.7,600 and Rs.8,900 Economy Class by air / AC First class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.5,400 and Rs.6,600 Economy Class by air / AC II Tier class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.4,200, Rs.4,600 and Rs.8,900 AC II Tier class by train
Officers drawing grade pay below Rs.4,200 First class / AC III Tier / AC Chair car by train


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