Merger and upgradation of the posts of LDC and UDC and granting of Rs. 2800/ grade pay – Demanded by AIAMS(Group C)


Demanded by All India Association of Ministerial Staff (Group C), Merger and upgradation of the posts of LDC and UDC and granting of Rs. 2800/ grade pay, Merger of the Posts of Office Superintendent & AO and granting of Rs. 4800 grade pay and Upgradation of the grade pay of Assistant to Rs. 4600/.

Giving membership to the ‘Group C’ Staff & submission of individual Consents-Regarding.

Dated: 11/10/10

Dear members,

As has already informed that letters (regarding the recognition status of the Association and membership to the Assistants), sent to the Regions by the FOD are not based on the facts. Our Association is still recognized one. Further, our request for the inclusion of the Assistant as members of the Association is under consideration of the Ministry. You are aware that all Ministries except Ministry of Statistics of the Government had accepted all Non-Gazetted Staff in their Department as members of the Association working under JCM Scheme. Income Tax Inspectors with 4600/ grade pay are members of the Association recognized under JCM Scheme. Thus denial of membership for the Assistants with 4200 grade pay is not justified.

Meanwhile, the Association of the erstwhile group D in the name of All India Association Group C Staff (not recognized so far) has been trying to fetch Ministerial Staff to their fold. Despite of all efforts they have no succeeded in their mission so far. This is due to the reason that the Ministerial Staff know our Association through relentless struggles achieved several things for the betterment of the service conditions, promotion etc of the Ministerial Staff so far. In the year 1993 when our Association is formed Ministerial Staff were retiring on the post of UDC. Now the situation is improved. Retirement of every Ministerial Staff on 5400/ grade pay is our aim and we work accordingly.

At present we are at work with three important issues. (1) Merger of the Posts of Office Superintendent & AO and granting of Rs. 4800 grade pay. (2) Upgradation of the grade pay of Assistant to Rs. 4600/. (3) Merger and upgradation of the posts of LDC and UDC and granting of Rs. 2800/ grade pay. You have already seen the efforts made by us to achieve the aforesaid demands so far from our letters etc. All the correspondence made in this respect can be seen in our web site.

Since the erstwhile group D has been brought under group C folder by the CPC, there is a chance to accept our demand for a single Association for all Non Gazetted cadres by the Ministry. Thus we want to bring all erstwhile group D staff (now group C) to our fold to strengthwen the Association & keeping it in the first position. Further, from our past experience, I am sure that we can handle the issues of the group C (erstwhile group D) effectively so that they may get a better service condition and promotion channel in the days to come.

Thus all unit Secretaries/members of the Association are requested to please obtain the individual consents of the Group C staff in annexure B and forward the same, duly certified by the Unit Secretary, to the HO immediately. A copy of the Individual Consents alongwith Annexure A may please be forwarded to this Association Hqrs. Since I am on long leave following an accident, the letters may please be sent in my Residential Address i.e. 74/11, Govind Apartment, Govind Garden, Govindpura, Bhopal-462023.

This may be treated as most urgent.

With warm regards
Yours Sincerely

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary
Courtesy : All India Association of Ministerial Staff (Group C)



  1. M. R. RAWAT says:

    The Grade Pay of L.D.C./U.D.C and Stenographer Gr.III & II should given according example —

    L.D.C. G>p Rs. 2800

    U.D.C. G.P. Rs.4200

    Stenographer Gr.III& II GP RS. 4200

    The Group ‘D’ is already getting GP 2400. L.D.C./U.D.C and Stenographer Gr.III& II may considered the above Grade Pay at the earlist. All above 3 categores are not happy for vi Pay Commission. Therefore, DOP&T may once re-examined the Grade pay of LDC/UDC & Stenographers at the earliest.

    With Regards

    M.R. RAWAT

  2. The Grade Pay issue of LDC and UDC should in taken at the highest level so that the decision could be taken urgently. The GP should be 2400 and 2800 respectfully, and the UDC with 5 years approvel service should be granted 4200 GP, as done for the CSS Cadre. Why the CSS is gaining an extra weight that non-css, as the working condition and same for all. Further, the field and subordinate office works more than the CSS offices. All the post should be universal

  3. K ALLIMUTHU says:

    Mr. Pillai, what are u doing? You Being Gen Secy of this Assn, seems not interested in welfare of Admin Staff. If u are not serious in doing something good to these men please vacate ur post and let someone come and do the needful. Think twice.

  4. 6th CPC has unjustified with LDC with Grade Pay Rs.1900, and the staff of group D are getting almost same salary with Grade pay of Rs.1800. Only Rs.100 is different between group D staff whose qualification is illiterate, the responsibility is also nothing. Whereas the LDC are giving responsible job in every office but Govt. has fixed almost same salary. Therefore it is necessary to give justice with LDC by given grade pay of Rs. 2800. I am waiting of positive and justified decision of govt. in this regard.

  5. Manoj Kumar says:

    After implementation of 6 CPC one post i.e. LDC has been very effected. Now it goes to the similar of the Gr.D staff, those Gr. pay is Rs.1800. There is no different in work allocation between LDC and UDC. Viz. both are doing same work in same section but pay different is far away. In MACPS only Rs.100 is added in Gr. Pay after completion of ten year service. We can assume what is the value of Rs.100 after 10 years. So I hearty request plz. consider on merger of LDC & UDC post and their grade pay may be fixed at least Rs.2800.

  6. The 6th CPC has not recommended vertical relativity in the pay scale/Grade pay of the LDC & UDC of the Administrative offices compared to their lower / higher cadres.The Government while implementing the report has ignored this aspect which ultimately caused to put these dynamic young cadres in great distress. The minimum required qualification for the post now is 12th Standard + Typing + Computer Knowledge. The job profile of the post of LDC has undergone significant changes after introduction of modernization in Government offices. Now, computers have taken over the place of Manual/Electronic Typewriters. As a result LDC & UDC have been trained to work in various computer applications viz. Word Processor, M.S., Excel etc without granting the minimum pay scale prescribed for doing work in computers. As per 6th CPC, Grade pay has been considered at 40% of maximum pre-revised pay scale. 6th CPC for erstwhile group ‘D’ staff pre-revised pay scales have been merged and fixed grade pay according to 40 % of maximum pre-revised pay scale i.e.,Rs. 4400 x 40%= 1760/- rounded off to Rs 1800/- like wise JEs/ MCM/ Office Supdt pre-revised pay scale have been merged and fixed grade pay of Rs 4200/- i.e, Rs 10500/- x 40% = Rs.4200 But LDCs / UDCs / Asst pre-revised pay scales of 3050-4590, 4000-6000 & 4500- 7000/- have not been merged hence grade pay has not been increased / upgraded. This is great disparity to the LDCs / UDCs / Assts.

  7. jayanta biswas says:

    grade pay of LDC and UDC should be Rs.2400 and Rs2800 respectively. govt. should be agree immediately and necessary order may be published.

  8. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Dear Government and General Secretary,

    Kindly merge the Grade pay of LDC and UDC to Rs.2800/-. We would be very grateful to you. Pls do the needful at the earliest.

  9. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Dear Government and Secretary,

    The Government may kindly look the matter seriously and take necessary action regarding merger & upgradation of the LDC & UDC with Grade Pay at least Rs.2800/

    Upgradation and merger of the Grade Pay for LDC & UDC is genuine and it should be not below Rs.2800. The Govt. should also look the matter about fast promotion quota for LDC/UDC who have higher educational qualification i.e. Graduation, PG Diploma in Computer etc. the higher qualification of the clerk is the assets of Offices because higher educated clerks are duing best results in the official works.

    LDCs are the backbone of the any government offices. So government should implement it without delaying any more. Also government should make some special schemes to promote their skills.



  10. suresh yadav says:

    I wrote Sir but I donot know. Mr. swarak is think very good I agree for Rs. 100.00 donate to Govt and will further service Group D employees Now Gp ‘C’ employees. I know very good job of group D because Rs. 75.00 has gated for washing allowance. No changing in Pay but life will be very easy without tension.

  11. difference between LDC & PEON/Fatigue man/Other grade Pay is only 100 rupees. what is difference ? pl convert all LDC into this lower post…………. kyo faltu mai itna tension lena ka, PURE DIN KAM KARO FIR BHI DANT TO KHANA HI HAI, FIR 100 RS GRADE PAY KAM LEKE ARAM SE HI KAM KAR LO………….. GOOD IDEA……. HAI GOVT KE 100 RS BHI BACH JAYENGE…. PL CHANGE US TO GROUP C TO GROUP D. KYO KI GROUP D WALO KO BHI LTC MAI BHI III TIER HI MILTA H……….. OK AGREE HO NA SABHI LDC…… 100 RS GOVT KO DONET KARNE KO

  12. wah govt wah…………
    LDC grade Pay is 1900/- and lower staff such like group ‘D’ staff grade pay is 1800/-. only 100/- rupees difference in grade pay in two groups. wah govt wah such like a joks,,,,, hahahahahahhah

  13. Please let us know the latest development on this issue. Iam eagerly waiting to know the result.

  14. S.C. Paul, C.G.II says:


    I have joined service as C.G.II in 1991 when my scale was 950-1500. The entry scale of a stenographer was 1200-2040. The difference of scale at the time of entry in service was Rs. 250/- only. After 6th CPC The grade pay of a stenographer who joined in service in the year 1991 is Rs. 4200/- ( he has got one ACP). I have also got one ACP and now my Grade Pay is Rs. 2400/-. The difference of GP between me and the stenographer is Rs. 1800/-. My 2nd MACP will due on November, 2011 and my GP will be Rs. 2800/- Whereas the GP of the Stenographer who will also get 2nd MACP will be Rs. 4600/-. The difference is Rs. 1800/-. The Stenographer and C.G.II are both matriculate post and the stenographer is not doing more work then a Clerk. Rather the Clerks’ are doing more responsible job. Clerk are allrounder. Is not injustice to a clerk? What the Employees Union doing? Are they sitting idle? Please raise the voice and presurised the Government to rectify the anomolies immediately.

  15. vishwanath bhardwaj says:

    The port folio of LDC,UDC, OS is same but GP of LDC is only 1900/- and after completion of 10 year service pertaing trade awarded 2000/- GP is unjustice the point of view from the working profile.